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Hello all! Welcome to Fizz Society.  

It feels great to finally be able to say that. The creation of Fizz Society has been a labour of love for the past six months. As with all startups, we’ve had our share of setbacks, but we’re absolutely thrilled to welcome you to our new home on the web. 

At this point you’ve likely taken a quick look at our website, and viewed our monthly “Fizz Box” subsription. We hope you’re as excited as we are about the prospect of trying new sparkling wines from unlikely places, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you our story in more detail, and why we do what we do. 

So who are we, anyway? 

Well, Fizz Society was started by me, Aaron Goldrup. Who am I? What are my qualifications in wine, and why the heck should you participate in Fizz Society? 

Great questions…  

In short, I’m you. In all honesty, I’m just a regular guy. I came to the UK in 2015 after having finished up a fantastic backpacking journey through Italy. Prior to that, I had been working in Australia, and prior to that, living in Canada (where I was born and raised). 

When I got to the UK I was greeted with one indisputable fact: the Brits love sparkling wine! It’s absolutely everywhere! As I continued to make friends in the UK, go out more, and really sample what London had to offer, Prosecco in particular become ever present in my life. Meeting a friend for dinner? Prosecco. Boozy brunch? Prosecco. Tuesday night…Prosecco. You get the idea. 

Then, on one particularly boozy evening, a mate of mine said something that has stuck with me ever since, and ultimately lead to the creation of Fizz Society. 

She said, “If you’re invited round to someone’s house in the UK, bringing sparkling wine is always a great choice. If you really like the person, bring Champagne, if you like them well enough, Prosecco, and if you can’t be arsed, Cava”. 

I paused. Ouch. What did Cava ever do to anyone? Also… why had she brought Cava to my house… 

I needed to find out why the people in my life seemed to downplay Cava. Was the quality lower? Was the taste less inviting? Did it smell funny? 

After a rather robust sampling test (had to be done…) of several Cavas from both the market and a local wine shop, I was convinced of one thing: my mates were wrong. I didn’t really understand why Cava was so unloved. I challenged them, and the response went something like this: 

“Well, I dunno, do the Spanish really know much about sparkling wine?” 

“I thought Cava was just cheap sparkling wine. All the Cavas I see are really inexpensive. I assume the quality isn’t great.” 

“Someone told me they make Cava by just using old white wine they have laying around and shooting Co2 into it”. 


Now, you have to understand, I’m a curious person by nature. A normal person would have said, “meh, whatever, I guess that’s the way things are”, and moved on with their lives. Not me. They say you have to be a bit nuts to be an entrepreneur. Seems an appropriate description for me. 

What followed this discovery in Cava was a commitment to learning about sparkling wine, in all its forms. Here’s a disclaimer: prior to this, I had zero formal training in wine. I still don’t. What I have is a love of the stuff, and an unending interest in learning. I’m not a sommerlier, and not some wine luminary. I’m a guy with a passion. 

As I learned about Cava, I discovered something amazing: Cava is generally made using the same method as Champagne. Wait… how can that be? Well, that’s a tale for another blog posting. 

As I continued to read and sample, I had a thought: if Cava could be a great product, and it was from Spain… who else could rightfully challenge Champagne and Prosecco in the world of sparkling wine? The French and Italians, though masters, can’t be the only ones in the game! 

Fizz Society, in idea, was formed that day. I thought to myself, “the good people of Britain deserve more”! We have choice in red wine, choice in white. Choice in gin, rum, whiskey. Choice in beer, choice in port. Why not choice in sparkling? 

Fizz Society was formed to give you that choice, to challenge you to cast off what you think you know about sparkling wine. Raise a glass of Brazilian espumante at New Years, pop a bottle of Californian fizz after a long day of work, give the gift of Luxembourgish bubbles for a mate’s birthday. The world of sparkling wine is wide and vast. 

So, let’s take that journey together. Let’s sample two incredible sparkling wines each month, some from familiar places with a twist, and others from exotic and unexpected regions. All will be cool, all will be delicious. I can promise laughs, fun, and learning. I can promise you’ll taste things you’re unlikely to taste anywhere else. I can promise I’ll be there learning with you the whole way. 

Let’s have fun with this. I dare you. 

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